Exotic-O-Rama vol.3

In these dark times of confinement and restrictions of all kinds, what could be better than being able to escape through music? On this third volume of the joyful “Exotic-O-Rama” series, our friend El Vidocq, faithful to himself, instantly transports us from the Caribbean to Africa, from the Magreb to the Pacific Islands, via the Middle East . This journey is the bright and necessary antidote to the dismal darkness that tries to envelop us.

Resist the hikes of Morocco, like the perceptions of Al Duncan or the Hully Gully Boys? Impossible ! Escape from the Hawaiian Hi Five Maori guitar? On Edmundo Ross’s trumpets? No, no and no ! Just as it is truly inconceivable to escape the clarinet of Lagustra, or the frenzied hacka of the Chakachas …

Take place. With Jukebox Music Factory, no pollution is to be feared. The ozone layer is respected. Your ears are full. Your hips keep waving. And your pleasure, finally, reaches new heights !!!

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