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El Vidocq

Beach-O-Rama vol.4

beach-o-rama 4

C’est irrémédiable. L’été approche. On y coupera pas. Alors quoi de mieux pour l’accompagner, qu’une toute nouvelle compilation Beach-O-Rama ? Fort de ses pêches miraculeuse aux 45tours, El vidocq nous gratifie une fois de plus d’une sélection en tous points…

Strip-O-Rama vol.4

Strip-O-Rama vol.4

From the most suave to the most electric, the music accompanying stripteases and other stripteases is adorned, when you think about it, with an astounding variety: The blues of course, whose languor matches perfectly with the exercise, but also rock’n’roll,…


sex o rama

How good it is to cheat on boredom. In order to pleasantly kill the long evenings locked up at home. A proposal. SEX-O-RAMA !!! Oh, the aptly named compilation! The exercise is daring. Rascal but daring, El Vidocq ventures outside…

Exotic-O-Rama vol.3

exotic o rama vol 3

In these dark times of confinement and restrictions of all kinds, what could be better than being able to escape through music? On this third volume of the joyful “Exotic-O-Rama” series, our friend El Vidocq, faithful to himself, instantly transports…