Strip-O-Rama vol.4

From the most suave to the most electric, the music accompanying stripteases and other stripteases is adorned, when you think about it, with an astounding variety: The blues of course, whose languor matches perfectly with the exercise, but also rock’n’roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, rockabilly…

Spearhead of the compilations concocted by the mischievous El Vidocq, the “Strip-O-Rama” now has its fourth avatar. Not the slightest drop in speed. Eros deploys there, to achieve his ends, an ever-extensive musical range. Judge for yourself: Beninese blues (Typical Orchestra “El Rego”), pure exotica (The Enchanters), doo wop, pious (The Redwoods), or salacious (The Royal Jockers), Latin hot music (the aptly named “Burleska” by The Ambassadors), or Latin smooth music (Googie Rene), be bop swing (Marlowe Morris Quintet), speedy pop (“Magic Lover Man by Aki Aleong, originally from Trinidad & Tobago), bizarre surf music (“Widgit” by the Surfer’s ), etc, etc… Everything is taken from 45s that are both suggestive and funny, released in the mid-1950s and 1960s – with singular peaks in 1958 and 1962!

Originally background music to accompany these undressings in good and due form, pieces which turn out in fact, and in all respects, completely irresistible!!!

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