How good it is to cheat on boredom. In order to pleasantly kill the long evenings locked up at home. A proposal. SEX-O-RAMA !!! Oh, the aptly named compilation! The exercise is daring. Rascal but daring, El Vidocq ventures outside his comfort zone. The perilous pitfall of the vast joke is here circumvented with class. The selection is ready to smile, but always with kindness. Because these “olé-olé” songs can be listened to as much as they are danced! Of course, we had to move away from the usual 50’s / early 60’s. The relaxation of morals took place a bit later, past the middle of this decade uninhibited! A few more or less intense touches of seduction (Michele Mercier, Geraldine). Advances in “good and due form” (rascal of Prince Buster!). Eloquent waterfall moans (Rita, Armando Travaioli, Noelia Noel). Meetings (Jean Yanne, intransigent). And even exquisite parodies (Jacqueline Mayand and Bourvil, as funny as they are tender) … Doubt is no longer allowed. The hesitation is dead. The sap rises. Change the mood. Try SEX-O-RAMA !!!

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